2000W continuous laser stripper

This laser stripper, equipped with a continuous 1080 nm infrared laser source and 2000W power, is ideal for heavy industrial work.

It excels in rust, paint and oxide removal, with remarkable speed of execution. Powered by 220V with a capacity of 32 Amp (8.5kW), it features a robotizable 1D laser head offering a straight beam up to 300mm.

Supplied with personal protective equipment, machine cover and CE-approved self-shading laser mask.

This Class 4 machine complies with CE EN 60825-1 standards.


Workshop laser stripping machine for heavy industrial work:

  • Continuous IR laser stripping equipment, wavelength 1080 nm (MAX PHOTONICS laser source) Power 2000W
  • Ideal for stripping rust, paint and all oxides, with fast turnaround times.
  • Liquid-cooled, enabling this machine to work H24 on a production line.
  • 220V – 32 Amp (8.5kW) power supply
  • Robotizable 1D laser head with straight beam up to 300mm (Option: 2D head with Max 410/410mm beam)
  • 10m fiber umbilical cord
  • In addition to the machine, the supply includes: personal protective equipment + machine protective cover + 1 latest-generation self-shading laser mask (CE / Laser & Welding approved).
  • French user manual, on-site commissioning with laser operator training.
  • 2-year warranty in France.
  • Delivered from France with CE conformity certificate.

*Class 4 laser, CE EN 60825-1 compliant

28 250,00  H.T.

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Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 65 cm