Compact, mobile 300W pulsed air-cooled laser cleaning machine

Discover advanced performance for laser decontamination and stripping with our 300W laser machine. Equipped with pulsed IR laser technology (1064 nm) from JPT MOPA, it offers precision and efficiency for surface preparation and treatment of sensitive materials. Designed to be sturdy and lightweight (60 kg), this mobile unit can easily be transported and used on different sites, operating perfectly on a 220V power supply thanks to its economical 1200W power consumption.

Available in Gaussian, Multimode and Tophat beam configurations to suit a variety of needs, it ensures superior cleaning quality without damaging materials. Compliant with CE EN 60825-1 (class 4) regulations, this compact, mobile machine is the ideal tool for professionals who demand efficiency, flexibility and safety in their stripping and surface preparation operations.

  • Pulsed IR laser cleaning/stripping equipment, wavelength 1064 nm (JPT MOPA technology laser source), power 300W, frequency up to 300 kHz.
  • With its robust design, this machine is also very light (60 kg). It can easily be loaded into a vehicle, and thanks to its low power consumption of just 1200W, can be plugged into any 220V socket or generator!
  • Lightweight 2D laser head (1.2kg) compatible with robotic arm installation.
  • 3 Optics: Fo 160mm / 254mm / 420mm
  • 5m fiber umbilical cord
  • The basic scope of supply includes: laser stripping equipment, protective cover, “laser operator kit”, user manual in French, commissioning on customer site with training of a laser operator.
  • 2-year warranty in France,
  • Delivered from France with CE conformity certificate.

35 900,00  H.T.

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 90 × 35 × 80 cm