500W Pulsed Laser Stripping System TOPHAT 15mJ or 50 mJ or GAUSSIEN 1.5mJ

500W WATER-Cooled Workshop Pulsed Laser Cleaning System

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TOPHAT (Q= 50mJ)


*Class 4 laser, complies with CE EN 60825-1 regulations

  • Pulsed IR laser cleaning/stripping equipment, wavelength 1064 nm (JPT MOPA technology laser source), power 500W, frequency up to 300 kHz.
  • This system is specifically designed for use in workshops. Liquid-cooled for continuous H24 operation.
  • 2D laser head (2kg) compatible with robotic arm installation.
  • 3 Optics: Fo 160mm / 254mm / 420mm
  • 10m fiber umbilical cord
  • The basic scope of supply includes: laser stripping equipment, protective cover, laser operator kit, user manual in French, on-site commissioning with laser operator training.
    + 1 latest-generation self-shading laser mask (CE/Laser approved).
  • 2-year warranty in France,
  • Delivered from France with CE conformity certificate.

79 900,00  H.T.

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Weight 155 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 130 cm